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Provides for a bore diameter of 45mm under valve stem, and adjustment range oftorque limits of output shaftof 100…300 Nm.

Designed to operate an actuator of a shut-off valve largely at the thermal power plants.

Designed for application at heat and water supply facilities, as well as chemical, metallurgical, oil and gas processing plants, extracting industries.

Presented in 35 versions depending on the output shaft speed required by a customer, connection to valve and model of a limit switch assembly.

Parameter Value
Connection to valve Б
Explosion protection
Output shaft speed, rev/min 6, 12, 25, 50
Output shafttorque, Nm
Nominal 300
Max 450
Adjustment range of torque limits, Nm 50-350
Manual override handle torque, N(kg), at most 60(6)
Electric drive power, kW 0,35-1,1
Continuous operation time of shut-off valve
at nominal load, s 180
at max. load, s 120
Max. number of starts of shut-off valve per hour (cycles/h) 630(315)
Span of speed ratios of limit switch assembly and output shaft 2-7, 7-42, 42-250
Position sensor available:
Resistive signal +
Inductive signal +
Current signal +
Power supply of current signal unit
Alternative supply, single phase, 220V, 50Hz +
Constant supply 24V (loop) +
3 ph, 380V, 50Hz +
3 ph, 220V, 50Hz +
single phase, 220V, 50Hz
Weight, kg 38
Overall dimensions, mm 297 х 346 х 276
Climatic version Any customized
IP class IP65
Service life, years 15